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Hot Wheels Value

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Hot Wheels Value. Are my old hot wheels worth anything? This version of hot wheels is worth about $5,000.

The Newest Hot Wheels Casting and Price Guide Has Arrived!
The Newest Hot Wheels Casting and Price Guide Has Arrived! from

Red ferrari 312p with white interior. It was a prototype made by mattel in 1969. What makes this particular hot wheels car so special?

Larry Wood Created The Car.

Or a $30 model can only be sold at about $25 if sold without its box. Hot wheels collector #51 is a ‘40s style woodie produced in 1990. What hot wheels will be worth money?

Some Are Based Off Movies And Television Shows While Others Were Among The First Ever Created And Sold.

Treasure hunts and store exclusives are numbered. Commonly, bright colors such as pink, baby blue, purple and magenta, are more expensive. All values listed are approximate.

Any Type Of Collectible That Have Errors Like That Will Be More Valuable (And Often By A Large Margin) Than Items That Were Produced Correctly.

Depending on the condition this model can have a value of up to $2,200. This model, which was only available in the united kingdom as part of mattel’s sponsorship deal with ed shaver, has been on collectors’ radar for years. The prototype features two surfboards loaded into the back via a rear window.

It Was The First Car To Feature A Double Set Of Wheels Up Front And A Gigantic Exposed Engine.

So if you’ve got a shoe box full of early hot wheels, it’s worth sorting them out and determining their. The more rare the car, the more valuable it may be. What are my hot wheels worth?

There Are Several Guides To Choose From On The Internet, And In Book Form.

The wheels of the car are also larger than the normal volkswagen beach bomb. Here are the most valuable hot wheels of all time. 1995 treasure hunt 1967 camaro — $931.

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